Young Coaches TY Students

Young Coaches Flourish in Mallow Post Primary School
Transition Year students from Davis College Mallow are embarking on a pilot coaching initiative with Cork GDA Pat Spratt. The students have completed a Foundation Award Course involving both practical and on line learning. The students will now have to complete a number of tasks over the next 3 months before they get certified as coaches.
The 20 students will
• Organise and coordinate a football league for all first year students in Davis College
• Assist the club school link coach in their local club for 5 sessions in Primary Schools
• Link up with their local GAA club to act as an assistant coach with a team during 2015

The above initiatives will give the students the chance to develop their coaching skills under the guidance of mentors and experienced coaches. By introducing the students to coaching in this controlled manner, it is hoped that the boys will gain in confidence and become regular coaches in their clubs in the years to come. GDA Pat Spratt says that the initiative has 2 major benefits in that “a new generation of coaches are being found while over 400 players will benefit from having contact time with the students over the next 3-4 months at Primary School, Post Primary School and club level”