Rebel Og Coaching Benchmarks 2020

cork_gaaRebel Og Coaching Benchmarks 2020

Best practice coaching structures for successful clubs in Cork
Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarks 2020 provide a template for best practice in coaching, promoting maximum participation and optimal playing standards in juvenile clubs throughout Cork city and county. The programme includes minimum requirements for entry, with subsequent progression to Bronze, Silver or Gold targets, which clubs would strive to achieve with the assistance of their local GDA.

Bronze criteria are based on establishing a primary school coaching and games programme in schools within a club’s catchment area. Silver criteria are based on an appropriate programme of club coaching and games for 5-12 year olds, while Gold criteria are based on appropriate coaching and games for 13-18 year olds. The programme in each club will be overseen by the local GDA and organised county-wide by County Coaching Officer Kevin O’Donovan and Games Manager Kevin