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Age Hurling Football Fundamental Movements
U5 Core Skill: Ground Strike

Associate Skills:

1.       Grip

2.       Dribble

3.       Stopping a moving ball

Core Skill: Ground Kick

Associate Skills:

1.       Bounce

2.       Low Catch

3.       Chest Catch

Agility, Balance and Coordination:

Games such as:

–          Flush the Toilet

–          Bulldog

–          Rivers and Bridges

–          Turtles

–          Frogs

–          Cups and Saucers

–          Simon Says

–          Monkey Tails

–          Animal Movements.

Use of the following:

–          Use of ladders, Hurdles, bean bags, Balloons, Hoops can also be used.

–          Multi directional movement is very important.

–          Try to have a ball for each player.

–          Use of proper sized balls for Football (First Touch or softer balls for younger ages) and the use of First Touch Sliotars, Tennis Balls, Balls on a rope and Tyres to assist developing the swing.

U6 Core Skill: Ground Strike on run

Associate Skills:

1.       Frontal Block

2.       Shoulder Clash

3.       Ball Control- Dribbling, flicking, stopping a moving ball

Core Skill: Punt Kick

Associate Skills:

1.       Reach Catch

2.       Hand Pass

3.       Block Down (introduction)

U7 Core Skill: Double with & against Moving Ball

Associate Skills:

1.       Roll Lift

2.       Ball Control

3.       Hooking

Core Skill: Punt Kick on Run

Associate Skills:

1.       Pick Up

2.       Fist Pass

3.       Block Down


Name Aim and Focus Explanation
No Mans Land Football:

Develops Catching and Kicking



Develops Striking from Ground and Blocking a Moving Ball.


·        Split group into two even teams

·        Each team to remain inside their own square separated by 5m between each square

·        Object of the game is to clear out any balls in your teams area

·        Whichever team has the most amount of balls in the square after the allocated time e.g. 2-3 mins, is the losing team

Over the River Football:

Develops Catching and Kicking Skills



·        Split group into two even teams

·        Each team to remain inside their own square

o       Kicking/Striking team lands the ball inside the other teams square, they get a score

o       If receiving team catches ball, before bounces they get score


Croker Run Football: ·        All players line up with a ball each.
  Develops Ball Control, Bouncing, Tackling


Develops Ball Control, Dribbling, Tackling

·        One player to be the catcher

·        Players must dribble the ball from one side to the other side, 20-30m without the catcher getting the ball off them.

·        When a player loses the ball, they then become a catcher.

·        Keep going until all players are caught and the last player standing is the winner

Rob the Nest Football:

Develops Pick up, Bouncing, Evading, Tackling.


Develops Dribble, Tackling

·        Break group into 4-6 teams, each inside their own small square 10m from central point

·        On whistle, one person can leave the square and collect 1 ball from the middle of the area and dribble into their square.

·        When all the balls are gone from the middle, every player can leave their area and rob from other teams square.

·        Only one ball allowed at a time per player

Over the Bar Football:

Develops Accurate Kicking, Catching

·        Using a portable goals, break group into 2 equal teams

·        Each team positioned on either side of the goals behind line of cones 5-10m from goal line

·        Whichever team reaches target of number of points e.g. 30, first is the winner

Goal to Goal Football:

Develops Goal scoring, Ball control


Develops Goal Scoring, Ball Control

·        Players set up a goal opposite partners goal

·        Vary distance based on players ability

·        Whichever player has highest score after a set time is the winner.

·        Winners play winners and keep going until overall champion is found.

Clear the Square Football:

Develops Kicking, Catching, Pick up


Develops Striking, Blocking Ball

·        Group broken into 4-6 teams.

·        One team at a time goes inside the and clears all the balls out of the circle.

·        Other teams must retrieve ball and return to circle as fast as possible

·        Whichever team has least amount of balls in the circle at the end of the allotted time e.g. 1-2 mins, that team is the winner. Each team gets a chance in the middle


It is vital, that all skills are practiced and encouraged to use both sides right from the start.

The aim of each session is to ensure Maximum participation the maximum amount of time. Try to ensure the child is always engaged in the exercises and games. Limit waiting time for children

Where possible, eliminate the use of children waiting in lines. You can do this by using Games instead of “Drills”.

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