Munster U15 Hurling Development Squad Competition 5/5/18

The Munster Under 15 Hurling Development Squad Blitzes take place on Saturday May 5th and Monday May 7th.

Group 1 – Dr Morris Pk Thurles Coord:Dinny Maher

North Tipperary
Cork City
East Waterford
Mid Clare

11.00am North Tipperary 3-12 v 1-10 Cork City Ref: Eamon Stapleton (Limk)
11.00am East Waterford 1-05 v 0-15 Mid Clare Ref: C.Doyle (Tipp)
12.30pm North Tipperary 3-07 v 0-12 Mid Clare Ref: E.Stapleton (Limk)
12.30pm East Waterford 1-07 v 1-13 Cork City Ref: C.Maguire (Clare
2.00pm Cork City 5-12 v 0-02 Mid Clare Ref: G Howard (Tipp) C.Doyle
2.00pm East Waterford 0-04 v 1-13 North Tipperary Ref: C.Maguire (Clare

Group 2 – Dungarvan Coord:Barry Dunne

East Cork (Winners of Group)
West Waterford
South/East Limerick

11.00am East Cork 1-20 v 1-10 West Waterford Ref: K.Jordan (Tipp)
12.45pm South/East Limerick 2-8 v 4-12 East Cork Ref: N.O’Toole (Wat)
2.30pm West Waterford 4-12 v 1-10 South/East Limerick Ref: K.Jordan (Tipp)

Group 3 – Mallow Coord: Colm Crowley

Mid/West Cork
South Tipperary
North Clare

11.00am Kerry 0-6 v  3-16 Mid/West Cork – Ref: J.Donnellan (Clare)
11.00am South Tipperary 2-11 v 2-6 North Clare Ref: J.O’Leary (Cork)
12.30pm Kerry 1-8 v 4-14 North Clare Ref: Pa O’Driscoll (Cork)
12.30pm South Tipperary 2-12 v 4-10 Mid/West Cork – Ref: J.Donnellan (Clare)
2.00pm Kerry 0-3 v 9-10 South Tipperary Ref: J.O’Leary (Cork)
2.00pm Mid/West Cork 2-4 v 1-11 North Clare Ref: Pa O’Driscoll (Cork)

Mid/West Cork, North Clare and South Tipperary all finish on equal points, 4 ponts each however South Tipperary go through to the finals on least scores conceded

South Tipperary conceeded 6-19 -37pts
Mid/West Cork conceeded 3-29 – 38pts
North Clare Conceeded 5-23 – 38pts

Group 4 – Clarecastle Coord: Peter Casey

North Cork
Mid Tipperary
East Clare
City/West Limerick

11.00am North Cork 1-11 v 3-8 Mid Tipperary Ref: Joe Mullins (Clare)
11.00am East Clare 1-06 v 1-09 City/West Limerick Ref: M.Sexton(Limk)
12.30pm North Cork 3-04 v 1-12 City/West Limerick Ref: Joe Mullins (Clare)
12.30pm East Clare 1-03 v 2-14 Mid Tipperary Ref: John O’Halloran(Limk)
2.00pm Mid Tipperary 6-08 v 1-06 City/West Limerick Ref: John O’Halloran(Limk)
2.00pm East Clare 4-11 v 4-11 North Cork Ref: M.Sexton(Limk)

Finals – Monday May 7th 2018 – Mallow
Semi Finals 11.00am
North Tipperary  1 v East Cork
South Tipperary v Mid Tipperary

Plate Final
Coord: Kevin O’Callaghan


East Cork 1-20 v 1-10 West Waterford Ref: K.Jordan (Tipp)

South/East Limerick 2-9 v 4-12 East Cork Ref: N.O’Toole (Wat)