Kevin O’Donovan 3 year term comes to an end

Kevin O Donovan Coaching Officer 2014 -2017

Kevin O’Callaghan Games Manager with Rebel Og Coaching on behalf of the full time coaching staff, the GDA’s, says thank you to Kevin O’Donovan for his work as Coaching Officer and we extend our best wishes in your new role as Vice Chairman.

Elected to the board as County Coaching Officer in December 2014, his three year term came to an end, having worked as a Cork GDA’s for five years in the Carbery / Beara Region and three of which were also spent as County Development Squads Administrator,  Kevin O’Donovan was returned as the new Vice Chairman to the Cork County Board for 2018.

Kevin who runs the family dairy herd in West Cork by day will be delighted to know that he has left his previous position as Coaching Officer in a good place.  An active hurler with Kilmeen and Kilbree, he has previously completed an Agribusiness & Rural Development degree (UCD), a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (UCC) and Doctorate in labour research (UCD). He has served as chairman, secretary, juvenile secretary and coaching officer with his home club and as chairman / secretary to various county sub-committees in coaching, grading and strategic planning.

One of the success stories on the field has been the emergence of some very decent young hurlers and footballers from the development squads and from talking to coaches and conditioning staff involved with the
academy system, this has been Kevin O’Donovan’s influence in a big way as coaching officer.

Kevin had implemented some serious ideas from U14 to U17  in both hurling and football in Squad Development, GO Games and Games Programs, Post Primary and Primary Schools initiatives programs, Coach Education for mentors clubs and Schools, all the work our GDA’s carried out throughout the county were all under his watchful eye. He was a driving force at the bi monthly meetings with the full time coaching staff, spending a lot of time planning and placing current structures in place from everything to the hours to be spent coaching in schools to bringing young players through the development squads and it’s hard to talk to anybody who’s gotten involved with teams or committees, from the full time coaching staff  the GDA’s,  Coaches, Mentors players , who won’t mention him as one of the most impressive and progressive characters on Leeside.

Kevin who has said “I have a vision for the county, I feel that we should be investing in coaching and supporting clubs.” will now concentrate on his new role as Vice Chairman but still keep an able eye on how his progressive plans will fare going forward.

We wish him all the very best going forward in his new role as Vice chairman and we welcome in our new Coaching Officer Ronan Dwane to carry on the good work Kevin O Donovan has started.