Interactive Workshop with Wayne Goldsmith

We are lucky to have a guest speaker who is revered in international coaching best practice fields coming to Cork to speak in Cork Institute of Technology on the 29th April.

We would encourage as many coaches to attend as possible as it is going to be a very informative evening that is sure to have an impact on coaches perspectives and how they interact with their players thereafter.
Details on how to register and an insight in to the content of the workshop are below. 

An Interactive Workshop focusing on the evolution of sport & the role of coaching science in adapting to such change


Sport is facing an unprecedented period of challenge and change. Many of the ideas, models, systems and theories which have been popularized for the past 30 years are being re-evaluated by coaches in
the search for new and better ways to helping athletes to realize their potential

Date : April 29th
Time : 6.30 – 9.30pm
Venue : IT3, Library Building
Cork Institute of Technology
Cost : €25 Adult Rate
€20 Student Rate (* valid ID Card)

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Bio: Wayne Goldsmith

Wayne Goldsmith is a leader in high performance sport and business coaching and also a change management expert, writer, sports consultant and high performance motivator and mentor. He is highly innovative and forward thinking. Wayne’s coaching, training and thinking have benefited some of the leading sporting stars, coaches and teams around the world. His reputation and status is as one of the most significant and inspired minds in sport. Wayne assists teams and organisations to develop effective, tailored and unique solutions and plans to assist with any performance issues and problems and also to maximize, enhance and boost their performance to achieve optimum success. Wayne has worked with some of the best international and Australian high performance and high profile sporting teams and organisations; such as Tennis Australia, Swimming Australia, Triathlon Australia, the ARL, the ARU and the Australian Sports Commission. He has also worked with the NRL Teams the Wests Tigers, Roosters, Titans and Broncos, along with the ARU’s Reds, Waratahs, Force and Brumbies, the A-League’s Gold Coast United and the AFL’s Kangaroos, Hawks and Demons His influence and experience has assisted clients in the United States, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, South Africa, NZ, Singapore and Japan.

Athlete Development – An holistic approach to developing athletes: People before Performance

Since the 1980s, the focus on coach training, education and development – COACHTED – has been on teaching coaches a science based approach to planning, preparation and performance. Around the world, coach education courses have largely adopted a reductionist approach and coaches have been exposed to units and modules on physiology, biomechanics, psychology, skill acquisition, nutrition etc. etc. Whilst this education philosophy has contributed positively to many aspects of coaching, there is a global commitment to seek more integrated, holistic, person-focused methods of developing athletes. The question is of course – what does a person-focused approach “look like” day to day on court, on the field, in the pool and on the track? How do coaches adopt an holistic approach to athlete preparation and performance? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls of implementing an holistic approach to athlete development? How do sports science professionals in practice and in research fit it to an holistic athlete development model. This session will discuss the evolution of coach training, education and development. It will consider how coaches are currently trained, educated and developed and suggest alternate models. It will examine the practicalities of the holistic athlete development concept and present examples of how the holistic athlete development model works in a range of sports. This session will be of immense interest to coaches, sports scientists, academics and students seeking insights into the possible future direction on the sports industry.

Challenging Old Thinking in Coaching: New Directions in Periodization, Skills Development and Athlete Development

For the past 50 years, coaches all over the world have been taught the three “coaching-cornerstones” – periodization and planning, skills development and athlete development. Coaching courses, workshops, seminars and conferences have been primarily focused on these three coaching-cornerstones and as a result, coaches themselves are in turn focused on learning and implementing coaching strategies around the ‘cornerstones. However, as globally accepted as the fundamental theoretical principles of the “coaching-cornerstones” may be, it reality, many coaches around the world are challenging what’s “known” and experimenting with new ideas and innovations in periodization, skills development and athlete development. This session will present several exciting new directions in the “coaching-cornerstones”. It will discuss how coaches are introducing new and innovative ways of planning and periodizing training and preparation programs. We will look at some alternative strategies to the traditional SKILLS BY DRILLS concept and present some case studies highlighting different directions in athlete development. A session not to be missed by coaches working at all levels of sport!

Date : April 29th
Time : 6.30 – 9.30pm
Venue : IT3, Library Building Cork Institute of Technology
Cost : €25 Adult Rate €20 Student Rate (* valid ID Card)
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