Hurling Skills Competition for Schools

Christy Ring Skills Competition

The 30th of October 2020 would have been the 100th Birthday of the Great Christy Ring.
Rebel Og Coaching are launching a First Year Boys hurling skills competition to honour the Cork legend and to ensure some of the skills which are synonymous with Ring are practiced by our young players.
Ronan Dwane Coaching Officer Cork County Board noted “Ring is such a legend for Cork people and the qualities associated with him are espoused by Rebel Óg Coaching in trying to improve playing standards across the county. This competition is a great opportunity for boys to practice the skills of the game and measure themselves against their peers.”
Des Cullinane, Children’s Officer Cork County Board, says the competition can provide some level of activity for players at a time when Covid 19 has interrupted both club and school GAA activity. Ring would have practiced the skills away
This competition is open to First Year boys in Post Primary school in Cork County.
We have designed the competition around 3 of the skills which Christy would have been renowned for :
Ground Stroke
Overhead Pull
Jab lift , Solo and strike for a point without taking the ball in hand

Schools are asked to run internal Competitions with one Student coming forward to a County Finals day in Mid December

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The Skills


Ground Strike

6 Balls placed on 20m line .. Player strikes ball a long the ground towards the goal
3 off left turn and hit 3 off Right
5pts per goal scored ..Max 30pts

Overhead Pull

Player stands on 14m line , high Ball is thrown towards player , he must double on the ball overhead . Ball must go into goal without bouncing
2 left 2 Right
5pts per goal Max 20pts

Pick and Striking without taking Ball into hand

Ball is place 20m from goal inline with each goal post . Player Jab lifts ball without taking into their hand and solos out to 30m and strikes over the Bar without taking into hand .
2 left and 2 right
2pts for each jab lift completed without dropping ball
5pts for each point scored
Max 28pts