Go Games Participation March – June

Go Games Matches & Blitzes in Cork have hit record highs so far in 2017.  Since March 2017 , Rebel Og Coaching & Games have coordinated Go Games from Fé7 to Fé11 in both Hurling and Football through Blitzes and individual Games. Our target is to provide meaningful and competitive games for all children on a regular basis. Looking at the figures for the for the time period from March to June we have large numbers of Young players taking to the field in both codes each week.

Here are our numbers so far:

Monster Blitzes Fé7/8:
1,589 teams
2,384 games
62 venues
3,600 players
11 match days.

623 games
59 Football clubs
52 Hurling clubs
1,100 individual players

1,029 games
106 Football clubs
92 Hurling clubs
2,270 players.

581 games
56 Football clubs
52 Hurling clubs
1,220 players


In total,  4,617 games have been played

8,190 children between the ages of 7 & 11 have taken part in blitzes or games between March and June