Emerging Coaches Course

The Rebel Og Emerging Coaches Course

From 2019 Rebel Og Coaching are rolling out a new course called the Emerging Coaches course.

This course is aimed at Transition Year Students in Post Primary Schools and at the 14-17 year old in clubs and is for both boys and girls.

The course is to tutor this age group (14 -17) and provide them with a skill set that can be used in practical terms within their clubs for club camps, cul camps, summer camps etc and for coaching younger players as assistant coaches within their club or school.

There will be a cost of €10 per person for participating in this course and each participant will receive the “Rebel Og Emerging Coaches” Certificate

The course includes 6 modules with some time spent on theory and will be carried out in a practical setting (hall, pitch or astro turf). In a club setting this takes approx 4 hrs, in a schools setting this is divided into session and can take up to 6 sessions to complete (depending on requirements, facilities and class numbers etc).

In a club course there is a minimum of 10 people per course. Schools are based on class size with min being 10 and max being 25 pupils per course

Module 1. Course Introduction & General Information

  • How to coach skills
  • Hands Head Feet
  • Introduce Demonstrate Execute Attend
  • Space Time Equipment Personal
  • Intro to Go Games

Module 2.Fundamental Movements

  • Fun Games incorporating the three activities listed below
  • Multi directional movement
  • Increased heart rate
  • Full participation by all

Module 3.Hurling Skills

  • Practical coaching of the skills in hurling

 Module 4.Football Skills

  • Practical coaching of the skills in football

Module 5.Referee Education

  • Go Games referee power point presentation
  • A series of approx. 12 Question (Go Games Quiz) followed by discussion.

Module 6.Modified Games

  • Participants are asked to design games to meet the needs of players and present them to the group for assessment and discussion.


For your club to avail of this course please contact Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at shane.supple.gda.cork@gaa.ie.