Award 2 Course

Award 2 Coaching Courses

The Award 2 Coach Education course is the third award on the coaching pathway of Gaelic Games. The course is aimed at experienced coaches that have progressed through the Foundation and Award 1 programmes and for those that have experience as a Coach at Inter county level or coaches working with our Rebel Og regional and development squads.

In the same manner as the Award 1 course, the Award 2 course has been developed to take account of the different playing capacities that exist between children (up to 12 years), youths (age 13 – 18) and adults (age 19+) and the competencies that a coach is required to display when working with each of the playing populations. This allows coaches to further their knowledge, experience and capabilities when working with the various playing populations.

The course is 27 hours in duration and covers a number of key modules, as well as Introductory and Conclusion modules. These modules are:

  • Role of the Coach
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Tactical Prowess
  • Team Play
  • Physical Fitness
  • Participant Feedback/Playing Facts
  • Psychological Focus
  • Talent Identification
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Communication
  • Lifestyle
  • Rules

The focus of the course is the further development of the coaching skills by placing the participant in situations that they will face as coaches – the organisation of games activities, activities to develop skill and activities to develop the various physical fitness skills.

Coaching Competencies to be Developed

The Award 2 Programme:

  • Focuses on the further development of how and what to coach based on the playing group that you are involved with but also to look further at the integration of key areas that contribute to performance.
  • Use of the OTú model to do a personal, player and team analysis.

The Course is divided into a number of modules; some expose coaches to practical situations and others are designed to develop your knowledge base.

Attending a Course

Attendance at an Award 2 course is for those people that have already undertaken the Award 1 programme, and have gained some experience of coaching over a playing season. The Award 2 courses are organised locally within each Province.