U9 Leagues Fixtures 2018

For 2018, Rebel óg Coaching are to continue with developing the Go Games Structure to provide a suitable Games Program for all boys from U7 – U10. With this in mind, we have decided to make it a year long league for U9 (only boys born in 2009 are eligible for this league, U8’s are not allowed as they will have blitzes the same days) and U10 teams in 2018. U8s and U7s will remain at the Monster Blitz stage.

Finally If you have any queries about the league, we suggest you talk to the outgoing U9 mentors in the club and they will fill you in on any information required.

Last thing to note, U8, U9 and U10 matches are going to be scheduled for Saturday mornings,  Monster Blitz at 10.15,  U9 at 11am and U10 at 12.15pm, so pitches will be available at different times for games.

Games are subject to change at the discretion of the mentors so please consult with host teams in your group.

Fé 9 Football Go Games Program Round 1-10

Sat, 18th August Sat, 1st September Sat, 22nd September
Aghada vs Brian Dillons Brian Dillons vs St Colmans St Colmans vs Castlelyons
St Colmans vs  Mayfield Mayfield vs Fr O’Neills Fr O’Neills vs Fermoy
Fr O’Neills vs Carraig na bhFear Carraig na bhFear vs Mitchelstown Mitchelstown vs Kilara og
Mitchelstown vs Castlelyons Castlelyons vs Ballycastle Gaels Ballycastle Gaels vs Charleville
Ballycastle Gaels vs Kilshannig Kilshannig vs Fermoy Kilshannig vs Donoughmore
Fermoy vs  Kilara og Kilara og vs Granard Gaels Granard Gaels vs Sliabh Luachra Gaels
Granard Gaels vs  Charleville Charleville vs Boherbue Boherbue vs Doneraile
Boherbue vs  Donoughmore Donougmore vs Sliabh Luachra Gaels St Vincents vs Grenagh
Sliabh Luachra Gaels vs St Vincents St Vincents vs Croke Rovers Croke Rovers vs Carraig na bhFear
Croke Rovers vs Doneraile Doneraile vs Duarigle Gaels Duarigle Gaels vs Aghabullogue
Duarigle Gaels vs  Grenagh Grenagh vs Diarmuid O’Mathunas Diarmuid O’Mathunas vs Castlehaven
Diarmuid O’Mathunas vs Ballinhassig Ballinhassig vs Kilmurry Ballinhassig vs Ballinora
Kilmurry vs Aghabullogue Aghabullogue vs Crosshaven Crosshaven vs Passage West
O’Donovan Rossa & Castlehaven vs Bantry Blues Castlehaven & O’Donovan Rossa vs Clonakilty O’Donovan Rossa vs Kilmurry
Crosshaven vs Ballinora Ballinora vs Tracton Tracton vs Brian Dillons
Tracton vs Passage West Passage West vs Aghada Aghada vs Mayfield
Ballincollig Green vs Clonakilty Bantry Blues vs Inniscarra Inniscarra vs Macroom
Ballincollig White vs Macroom Macroom vs St Nicks St Nicks vs Cobh vs Whitechurch
Killeagh vs Cobh Cobh vs Bride Rovers Bride Rovers vs Nemo Rangers
Blarney vs Bandon Bandon vs Nemo Rangers Bandon vs St Michaels
Na Piarsaigh vs Courcey Rovers Courcey Rovers vs St Michaels Carrigtwohill vs Glenville
St Michaels vs Carrigtwohill Carrigtwohill vs Na Piarsaigh Na Piarsaigh vs Lisgoold
Nemo Rangers vs  Lisgoold Lisgoold vs Killeagh Killeagh vs Erins Own
Whitechurch vs  Erins Own Erins Own vs Blarney Blarney vs Kiltha og
St Nicks vs Kiltha og Kiltha og vs Ballincollig Green Clonakilty vs Bantry Blues
Inniscarra vs  Glenville Glenville vs Ballincollig White Courcey Rovers vs Kinsale
Bride Rovers vs Douglas Black Douglas Black vs Whitechurch Ballincollig 5 vs Douglas 5
Kinsale vs St Finbarrs St Finbarrs vs Valley Rovers Youghal vs Glanmire
Bishopstown vs  Youghal Youghal vs Eire og Mallow vs St Finbarrs
Valley Rovers vs  Douglas Green Douglas Green vs Carrigaline Valley Rovers vs Eire og
Eire og vs  Mallow Mallow vs Bishopstown Bishopstown vs Carrigaline
Carrigaline vs  Glanmire Glanmire vs Kinsale


Fé 9 Hurling Go Games Program Round 1-10

Sat, 25th August Sat, 8th September Sat, 29th September
Fr O’Neills vs St Colmans Passage West vs Fr O’Neills Fr O’Neills vs Kilara og
Aghada vs Passage West St Colmans vs Aghada Aghada vs Carraig na bhFear
Ballygiblin vs Kilara og Kilara og vs Ballycastle Gaels Ballycastle Gaels vs Granard Gaels
Ballycastle Gaels vs Carraig na bhFear Carraig na bhFear vs Ballygiblin Ballygiblin vs Mayfield
Castlelyons vs Mayfield Doneraile vs Castlelyons Castlelyons vs Donoughmore
Fermoy vs Doneraile Mayfield vs Fermoy Passage West vs Grenagh
Charleville vs Millstreet Millstreet vs Cloughduv Charleville vs Doneraile
Cloughduv vs Donoughmore Donoughmore vs Laochra og Laochra og vs Millstreet
Laochra og vs Grenagh Grenagh vs Charleville Cloughduv vs  Kilshannig
St Vincents vs Granard Gaels Granard Gaels vs Brian Dillons Brian Dillons vs Diarmuid O’Mathunas
Brian Dillons vs Kilshannig Kilshannig vs St Vincents St Vincents vs Aghabullogue
Diarmuid O’Mathunas vs Aghabullogue Diarmuid O’Mathunas vs St Particks St Patricks vs Ballinora
St Patricks & Bantry Blues vs Cloankilty Aghabullogue vs Bantry Blues Bantry Blues vs Tracton
Ballinhassig vs Ballinora Ballinora vs Crosshaven Crosshaven vs Passage West
Crosshaven vs Tracton Tracton vs Ballinhassig Ballinhassig vs St Colmans
Ballincollig Green vs Bandon Lisgoold vs Ballincollig Green Ballincollig Green vs Courcey Rovers
Ballincollig White vs Courcey Rovers Nemo Rangers vs Ballincollig White Ballincollig White vs Blackrock
Killeagh vs Lisgoold Blarney vs Killeagh Killeagh vs Whitechurch
Cobh vs Nemo Rangers Na Piarsaigh vs Cobh Cobh vs Glen Rovers
Carrigtwhill vs Blarney Blackrock vs Carrigtwohill Carrigtwohill vs Inniscarra
Erins Own vs Na Piarsaigh Whitechurch vs Erins Own Erins Own vs Bandon
Kiltha og vs Blackrock Glen Rovers vs Kiltha og Kiltha og vs Blarney
Bride Rovers vs Whitechurch Inniscarra vs Bride Rovers vs Clonakilty Clonakilty vs Nemo Rangers
Watergrasshill vs Glen Rovers Bandon  vs Watergrasshill Watergrasshill vs Lisgoold
Douglas Black vs Inniscarra Courcey Rovers vs Douglas Black Douglas Black vs Na Piarsaigh
Youghal vs Carrigaline Carrigaline vs Sarsfields Sarsfields vs Valley Rovers
Sarsfields vs Mallow St Finbarrs vs Douglas Green Douglas Green vs  Mallow
Douglas Green vs Valley Rovers Valley Rovers vs Eire og Eire og vs Bishopstown
Eire og vs St Finbarrs Mallow vs Kinsale Kinsale vs  Carrigaline
Kinsale vs Bishopstown Bishopstown vs Youghal Youghal vs St Finbarrs

I would really appreciate if you could send in your results to the link below after each match, to enable me to assist with seeding for 2019 season at U10. This does not mean that it becomes win at all costs as the U10 grades are still done mainly on Geographical location, but will assist me to ensure there are not completely lopsided games next year. Where there is only a score or 2 between teams, mentors can note these games as a draw as both sides are evenly matched and will provide good games with each other into the future. This will ensure that all children are meaningfully challenged at a level that suits their abilities. FOr 2/3 team results, mentors to give a fair assessment of strength of both team from all the matches played before deciding a winner. Again, where there is little between the teams, note the result as a draw for seeding purposes. Again, I apologise to clubs who have not had their requests granted, it was just not feasible to make changes in some circumstances. I will circulate Round 10 fixtures in the coming weeks.

Regards and Best of Luck,

Colm Crowley



  1. Start time is 7.15pm each night, may start earlier if all teams in close proximity Geographically, but i am conscious that people will be travelling after work etc. Host coordinator to have the final say on this.
  2. Host coordinator to make fixtures for the matches on the evening.
    • In a 3 team group, Host team play the 1st and 3rd game, so that the travelling teams play 2 games in a row to save waiting around. Each game is 24 minutes long, with 2 x 12 minute halves.
    • In a 4 team group, each team to play each other team in a round robin system. Each game to be 20 mins long, with a straight swap at Half time (2 minute water break, no long team talks).
    • In a 5 team group. 4 Rounds of matches to be played, with 1 team on a bye for each round. Each team to get 3 x 15 minute matches with the host playing 4 x 15 min matches. No half times in these games.
  3. Rules and pitch size in Hurling:
    • Ground Hurling or Lift & Strike only, unless a player catches the ball from the air.
    • No Soloing allowed. Keeper can take the ball into the hand but cannot Solo the ball.
    • Keeper takes puck outs, cannot score directly from Puck outs and Defensive deflections do not count as a score from the puck out.
    • 65s from the middle of the pitch in front of the goals.
    • 3 points for an over the bar, 1 point for a goal.
    • 9 players on each team (1 Keeper, 3 Backs, 2 Midfielders, 3 Forwards).
    • Pitch is 75m x 40m, with portable goals preferably, may use poles if necessary
  4. Any changes to your availability between now and each round, PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH THE HOST MENTOR, NOT THROUGH ME.
  5. I will share Round 3 and 4 Fixtures after round 2. Clubs who want to change codes after 2 rounds, and have already expressed this to me, i will do so for Round 3 and 4.