Rebel Og Rules & Regulations

Rebel Óg Regulations

Below are the up to date Rebel Og Regulations that were updated in March 2017. Clubs should read the regulations and make them self aware of all rules.


1.1. Coiste na nÓg shall operate under Treoraí Oifigiúil C.L.C.G. and in accordance with the current Mion -Rialacha Choiste Chontae Chorcaí.

1.2. Coiste na nÓg shall be a recognised unit of the G.A.A. and under the jurisdiction of the An Coiste Chontae Chorcai.

1.3. Coiste na nÓg shall consist of Cathaoirleach, Leas Cathaoirleach, Rúnaithe, Cisteoirí, Oifigeach Leanaí, Oifigigh Chaidrimh Poiblí and Oifigeach Chultura together with one representative each from Reigiún Lárnach, Reigiún Thoir, Reigiún Thuaidh and Reigiún Thiar, Bainisteóir na gCluichí, Representative from Sciath na Scol, Representative from the Post Primary Schools and Oifigeach Oiliúna Choiste Chontae Chorcaí. Further people may be appointed to Coiste na nÓg as the committee sees fit.

1.4. Each Region, as well as Coiste na nÓg, should have it’s own C.C.C. comprising of the officers of that Region and two Board delegates. Each club affiliated to the Region shall have one vote per affiliated code.

1.5. The C.C.C. shall have the power to investigate the constitution of any team at any time.

1.6. No officer or C.C.C. member shall take part in any investigation or inquiry involving his/her own club or team.

1.7. Team lists for each game must contain the player’s name, in Irish, and date of birth (T.O. Cumann Lúthchleas Gael). Team sheets must be submitted to the Referee prior to the commencement of the game. (T.O. Cumann Lúthchleas Gael)

1.8. All Clubs are to play in their registered club colours. Where a clash of colours occurs, both teams are obliged under General Rule to change, unless both clubs are in agreement on an alternative arrangement which must be approved by the relevant C.C.C.

1.9. Clubs are responsible for their player’s, mentors’, supporters’ and all known partisans’ behaviour towards the referee and opposing Club members. Anti-social behaviour is not permitted on the pitch, sideline, end-line areas or dressing rooms. Clubs may be fined per offence committed.

1.10. For Coiste na nÓg purposes, the Team Officials of Coiste na nÓg teams other than Fé 18 and 16 shall be recognised as the official officers. All correspondence for Fé 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 and 11 teams shall be signed by the Club Rúnaí or under-age club Runaí, except for team lists which shall be signed by the team Runaí.

1.11. (a) All players must be under 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11 years respectively on 1st January of the current year of competition.

In the case of teams found in breach of (a), the following penalties shall apply;

(i)Leagues—loss of all points up to and including the match in which the offence was committed without the awarding of points to their opponents. A fine may also be imposed where the CCC feels such a fine is merited.

(ii)Championships—Disqualification from all championships in which the player or players competed. A fine may also be imposed where the CCC feels such a fine is merited.

(iii) The C.C.C. may also recommend suspensions on players or officials in accordance with general rule.

1.12. Where Clubs have sufficient players to cater for two teams in an age group, a panel of 10 players is to be nominated as Team 1 players, the remaining players being permitted to play in the Central 3 grade as Team 2 players, but who would be permitted to play in Team 1 without affecting their status. This situation is applicable to all competitions except for Championship and applies to the Central Region only. The 10 nominated players must play in the first round of the Championship in the first team, Team 1. If they do not or can’t play, the CCC (Secretary, Central Region) must be notified of the reason before the game. The list of 10 players must be submitted to the Rúnaí of the Central Region for approval of the CCC before competitions in Central 3 start. Any player who has represented Cork in the Munster or All-Ireland Minor (Fé 17) championship must be nominated as one of the 10 players. Once approval by the Central Region is granted, a copy of this list must be forwarded to the Rúnaí of Coiste na nÓg.

1.13. Where a club has a team in Premier 1 and 2 (Central) Leagues, or a Premier team in Central and a second team in any of the other Regions, 12 players must be nominated until Championship. Second teams will be graded by the relevant Regions, in consultation with Coiste na nÓg. Any player who has represented Cork in the Munster or All-Ireland Minor (Fé 17) championship must be nominated as one of the 10 players.

1.14. Any club wishing to field a team in the B2 grade ( 13 a-side) must submit a list of players which may only contain a maximum of 18 players prior to the commencement of the relevant competition.

1.15. (a) In a 15 a-side game, a team may commence with 13 players but shall have fielded 15 players, inclusive of players ordered off or retired injured, by the start of the second half; then the game shall continue. (Rial 2.2 Rules of Specification). Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of game. In a league game the points will be awarded to the opponents.

(b) In 13 a-side competitions, , a team may commence with 11 players but shall have fielded 13 players, inclusive of players ordered off or retired injured, by the start of the second half; then the game shall continue. (Rial 2.2 Rules of Specification). Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of game. In a league game the points will be awarded to the opponents.

(c) Should a situation arise in 11 a-side competition whereby a team can only field 9 for the second half, the game can still continue but the points are automatically awarded to the side with 11 players.

1.16. In secondary competitions at Fé 15, 14, 13, and 12, unlimited substitutions are allowed on each team. In secondary competitions at Fé 16 and minor levels, up to nine (9) substitutions shall be permitted in the playing of normal time in all secondary competitions. In the event of extra-time being required in a secondary competition, substitutions in the period of extra-time shall be in accordance with general rule(3 substitutes).

1.17. If a pitch is unplayable, this must be notified to the board and the opposition at least 4 hours before the starting time. If the opposition pitch is playable, the fixture will go to the opposition venue. If the game goes off due to weather and is not refixed before the next fixture meeting, the CCC will decide on the fixture.


2.1 Pitches are to be properly lined and flagged.

2.2 The National flag is to be flown at all games.

2.3 All Teams are to be numbered properly and clubs are requested to dress uniformly, i.e. wear matching club socks and shorts.

2.4 Where clubs are requested for (a) teams / substitutes and/or (b) team panels for programmes, they are requested to supply team panels correctly numbered and ensure that the players taking the pitch for the game are numbered in accordance with the programme. Failure to comply with this request will result in the Club(s) being fined €100.00 for each offence. This offence is tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute.


3.1. All applications for Transfer shall be made on an official form. These applications may be considered at any meeting of Coiste na nÓg.

No application shall be considered unless received after January 1st and, in the case of;

a) A player over the age of 16, not later than the Coiste na nÓg meeting on the last Tuesday in


b) A player under the age of 16, not later than the last day of January.

3.2. A player who has not taken part in any official or trophy competition in the previous number of weeks stipulated below, shall be granted a transfer:

a) A player over the age of 16 – 96 weeks.

b) A player eligible for Under 16 and Younger Grades – 48 weeks.

3.3. All under age transfer applications will be made to Coiste na nÓg for consideration. Adjudications can be made by Coiste na nÓg on applications that are in accordance with General Rule and County Committee Bye Law.

3.4. In the event of Coiste na nÓg referring a case to the Transfer Adjudication Committee, this Sub-Committee must adjudicate and make recommendations to Coiste na nÓg within a specified time.

3.5. The Coiste Chontae Chorcaí Transfer Adjudication Committee’s recommendations will be made to Coiste na nÓg on an individual case basis and decisions are to be taken in isolation and without the creation of precedent which may affect any of its future decisions or findings.

3.6. If difficult Transfer applications cases involving extenuating circumstances remain unresolved, they are to be referred to Coiste Chontae Chorcaí for final adjudication, in the shortest possible time.


4.1. Applications to field an Independent Minor, Under 16 and/or Under 14 team are to be made annually with all relevant details supplied with application, i.e. number of players completed with date of birth from each of the participants.

4.2. In the case of any club involved in an Independent team, all of it’s players shall play only with that one Independent Minor, Under 16, Under 15 and/or Under 14 team, and may not be split up by forming more than one Independent Minor, Under 16 and or Under 14 team.

4.3. In the case of two clubs forming an Independent, Under 16, Under 15 or Under 14 team, the same clubs shall be allowed to join together to form an Independent Minor team the appropriate years later.

Clubs forming The Independent Under 16, Under 15 and/or Under 14 team shall not be allowed to change to join with other clubs in an Independent Minor Team Formation.

Rule 6.4 (1) Permission was given once again for this derogation where an “isolated player” can play with another club. (Report Ard Comhairle Meeting 11/02/’12)


5.1. Winning teams must return all trophies won in the previous season before May 1st of the following year or one month prior to the final for which the trophy is required whichever is the earlier. All trophies are to be returned in presentation condition.

5.2. Failure to comply with Regulation 5.1 shall result in a €50 fine being imposed on the defaulting club for each outstanding trophy for each defaulting week.

5.3. The expense incurred by the Coiste/Region in repairing or replacing through damage or loss of any trophy shall be borne by the club concerned.


6.1. All communication between the Board and the Clubs will only be done by the Club Secretary

through the Secretary’s or Fixtures Secretary’s GAA Email Address, whichever is applicable.

6.2. The C.C.C. shall fix all games in accordance with the Master fixture plan.

6.3. Where a difficulty arises, the Board Fixtures Secretary should be informed as soon as possible. Clubs are encouraged to have their fixtures times agreed with their opponents and notified to the Fixtures Secretary at least 24 hours prior to a Board Meeting.

6.4. All fixtures, once ratified at a Board Meeting, may not be altered or postponed, except in exceptional circumstances following the procedures outlined under “Postponement of League Games”

6.5. All fines to be paid by the next Board meeting. Any club or team not having paid its previous year’s fees or fines shall not be accepted for entry to the leagues or championships in hurling or football the following year in Coiste na nÓg competitions.

6.6. Anti-social behaviour is not permitted on the pitch, sideline, end-line areas or dressing rooms. Clubs may be fined per offence committed.

6.7. It is the policy of Coiste Chontae Chorcaí that no underage game should be postponed to facilitate an adult competition.

6.8. In relation to a clash arising with Fé 21 Championship and Minor League games in February and March, if Fé 21 Championship games are played on Saturdays, the Fé 18 League games will be played on Sundays.

6.9. Clubs who enter but withdraw from competition prior to commencement of competition will be fined €150.

6.10. Gates shall be taken up at all Championship games and all clubs are expected to make their venues available, on request, to the Board for championship games. All championship games and league finals are to be played at enclosed and neutral venues, as far as possible.

6.11. Where a club has two teams playing in the same age group, a facility to avoid direct clashes between the two teams in leagues will be permitted.

6.12. Central 3 Competitions are 13 a-side competitions unless both teams agree to play 15 a-side.

6.13. Games in Fé 18,16,15,14 and13 competitions shall be 30 minutes a half. Fé 12 games shall be 25 minutes a half.

6.14. Fé 12 and Fé 13 games will be played from 20 M line to 20 M line with small goal posts and size 4 footballs and size 4 sliotars except where the Fé 13 competition is 15 a side. Fé 14 B2 and B3 competitions will also be played from 20 M line to 20 M line with small goal posts and size 4 footballs and size 4 sliotars.

6.15. Fé 12 competitons and lower; In football, 45m kicks may be taken from the hand. In football only, the player who is fouled takes the resulting free. In hurling, a player shall only catch the sliotar once before striking it and may not play it again until another player plays it.

6.16. Football – Under 14 and lower: A player in possession of the Ball is entitled to 1 hop, 1 hand to toe but he must then release the ball and not play it again until another player plays it. The player taking the kick-out may have the option of kicking the ball from the hands and may not play it again until another player plays it. These apply to all competitions except Féile na nÓg.

6.17. Fé 15 Competitions; It is recommended that this would be confined to players in two age groups only. Fé 13’s should not take part in this competition, where possible. Fé 15 games will not go off because of Fé 13 games.

6.18. Coiste na nÓg may introduce separate regulations to govern specific other competitions (e.g. non-examination leagues, Féile, IR Leagues, certain county competitions).

6.19. All games to be played in accordance with the Master Fixture Plan. Dates given in the Master Fixture Plan are the latest dates for each round of games and games must be played on or before that date.

6.20. To facilitate Post Primary Schools’ games during October / November/December / January / February, club games should not take place 48 hours prior to Post Primary games. Exceptions for Post Primary Schools in Munster Semi Finals and beyond can be agreed provided the Chairman and Secretary of the relevant boards agree and the clubs involved agree a re-fixture within the following two weeks.

6.21. The Home Team is responsible for texting the score of the game to the Runaí/appropriate person/ Sports Manager system. Where a game is played at a neutral venue, BOTH teams are to ring /text the result.


7.1. The first named team has home venue, but if same in not available, the game

must be played at the opponent’s venue or at a neutral venue.

7.2. Completion date for all regional leagues is as per the Master Fixture Plan.

Where a league is not completed by the deadline, a team will be nominated. That team will partake in the inter-Regional competition to conclusion, and if successful, will be declared inter-Regional champions and will not have to defend that title in their own region subsequently.

7.3. Where the appointed referee fails to attend, agreement must be reached on a substitute referee by either tossing or by agreement. Failure to comply with this rule will result in forfeiture of the league points by the club failing to agree. In the event of a referee being agreed by both clubs it is the responsibility of the club of the referee to ensure that the Official Report of the game is submitted within three days of the game. Should the agreed referee not be a member of either participating club, the responsibility for ensuring the report is submitted shall rest with the home club.


All Fixtures agreed in all League Competitions between clubs must be notified by GAA email to the Fixtures Secretary at least 5 days in advance of the fixture or 24 hours before a Board Meeting.

7.5. Unfulfilled fixtures – penalties

1st Walk over – €50 fine

2nd Walk over -€50 fine

3rd Walk over – €100 fine and disqualification plus €50 fine for each remaining fixture.


8.1. a) League results shall be credited as follows: 2 points for a win and one for a draw.

b) If a club is disqualified or retires during the course of the league stage of the competition, it’s played games shall stand and its unplayed games shall be awarded to the opposing teams.

c) Where teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified.

1) Where two teams only are involved – the outcome of the meeting of the two

teams n the previous game in the competition will determine the qualifier.

2) Scoring difference (subtracting the total scores against from the total scores for)

3) Highest total score for.

4) Playoff. If two teams are involved, this will involve a straight play-off. If three or more teams are involved, the relevant Region/Coiste will arrange a lottery to determine places for knock-out games.

Exception to c);

In relation to 2) and 3) above, if the accumulated scores of a team, so involved, are affected by a disqualification, retirement or walkover, the tie shall be decided by a play off.


9.1. Clubs do not have the authority to postpone a ratified fixture. Only the Chairperson or, in his/her absence, the Vice Chairperson can postpone a ratified fixture. A request for the postponement of a League Fixture is to be made directly to the Chairperson or, in his/her absence, the Vice Chairperson by official GAA Email at least 3 days prior to the game. A copy of the email is to be sent at the same time to the Secretary of the relevant Coiste/Region and to the Secretary of the opposing team.

9.2. All League games are to be played on or before the date in the Master Fixture Plan. Postponements will only be allowed in exceptional or unforeseen circumstances.

9.3. When, in exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, a postponement is sought, a definite date must be agreed by both clubs for the re-fixture before the postponement is sought. The re-fixture must be played within 2 weeks of the original ratified fixture.

9.4. If the re-fixture is not played on the date agreed by both clubs at the time of the postponement, the CCC will then adjudicate on the game.

9.5. If a postponement is granted, both clubs must submit by GAA Email, the name of the club requesting the postponement, the reason for the postponement and the date of the re-fixture. All emails sent by a club in relation to a request for a postponement must be copied to the opposing club by GAA email.


10.1. Points can only be awarded to an opposing team once the fixture has been made and notified, (in accordance with No. 4 of Regulations Governing League Competitions). Points will not be awarded for games that have not been ratified. If a team does not fulfil a ratified fixture, the opposition may be awarded the points. Walkovers or conceding points to an opposing team will not be allowed in any other circumstances in League Competitions in either hurling or football. In instances where ratified games are not played, a decision on which team, if any, are to be awarded the game will be made by the CCC as soon as is practical and will be notified to both clubs.


·Many clubs are currently organising games in the ‘Go Games’ model at ages from 7 upwards.
·It is important that application for such games is made, by e-mail, to the Games Manager. (E-mail: When making these applications clubs are requested to note that the application must be made in compliance with correspondence of April 2013 ‘Challenge Games Permission’.

Non-Exam Regulations

Gach Rúnaí,

The following will apply to the Non Examination Leagues for the coming year

1. In the event of teams finishing level on points, qualification for the final will be decided on scores conceded. In the event of team having identical scores conceded, then the positions will be determined on the result of the game(s) involving the teams concerned.

2. Games arrangements Hurling: Saturdays Football: Tuesdays

Only by agreement of clubs may a game be brought forward/put back 24 hours. In no circumstance may a game be played outside the weekly schedule. In the event of change, clubs are obliged to have such alterations finalised by the Monday, 5.00 pm for Hurling and Wednesday, again 5.00 pm for Football, prior to the particular fixture in order that a referee may be appointed.

3. All games to be timed for 7.30 pm. except by agreement

4. If a referee fails to attend, clubs are to agree on a referee to ensure that the game is played. Failure to do so will result in the game being declared null and void.

5. Fines In the event of a team conceding a Walk Over will be as per Coiste na nÓg Regulations.

A team conceding a walk over, and still in contention for a qualifying place in the competition will have a 12 point (in 12 a side grade) or 15 point deficit (in 15 a side grade) added as a score against them for the particular walk over.

6. In the event that a club is found to have played a Leaving Certificate Student or Applied Leaving Certificate Student, all points won in which that Student(s) played will be awarded to the opposing side(s). All infringements of this offence will be dealt with by means of a fine(s) according to the number of games in which the Student(s) participated. Clubs should be advised that where Leaving Certificate Student(s) participate in this competition he/they would not be covered for insurance in the event of an injury.

7 Clubs are urged to check with opponents, if in doubt, regarding clubs colours, to avoid a direct clash.

8. Results:The Home team will be responsible for forwarding the result to the official texting service. Please make sure that the correct score is recorded. In this event you should check with the Referee before submitting the result.

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