Go Games Registration 2018

Please see attached information regarding the upcoming Go Games Schedule for 2018 from U7-U11.

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A quick synopsis to cover some important aspects:

  1. Juvenile Club Secretaries/Coaching Officers are asked to fill out the registration form on the link here.  Closing Date for entries is Friday 2nd February at 5pm.
  2. We will be holding Referees workshops in 6 venues throughout the county starting the 15th February.
    NOTE:  IF A CLUB DOES NOT HAVE ADEQUATE NUMBER OF YOUNG REFEREES TRAINED UP AT OUR GO GAMES REFEREE WORKSHOPS, THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTER ANY TEAMS IN THE GO GAMES PROGRAM. Details of venues, dates and times will be released next week once all venues are confirmed. This is a non negotiable matter, so clubs need to start recruiting youths asap to take part in these courses. Referees have to be at least 15 to referee U7-U9 matches and 16+ to referee U10 and U11 matches.
  3. Mentor Meetings: We will hold 4 regional meetings towards the end of February for all Go Games Mentors. Again, this is compulsory that each club is represented at these meetings, or they will not be allowed take part in the Go Games Program. This is crucial to ensure all mentors are on the same wavelength and understand the rules and regulations of the program. It is also important that mentors understand the ETHOS of the program and partiipate in the correct manner.
  4. Discipline: There were a number of incidents last year, and referees will be reporting back on incidents this year. We will be going with a zero tolerance policy this year and clubs/mentors/parents may be subject to expulsion/suspension according to Rebel Og guidelines. This is a necessary step to ensure the number of incidents last year is never repeated.
  5. Non Competitive Nature: It is very important that clubs, mentors and parents are aware that the Go Games Program is a non competitive program.  Last year, some of the unsavoury incidents were because of over eager parents and mentors not recognising this. There are no cups given out, there are no league tables to be topped, there is no county finals. We look for results of matches, just so mismatches can be avoided and we can ensure teams get meaningful, competitive games against other teams of equal ability.
  6. Schedule: We have attached the schedule below which is for planning purposes. Venues and events at U7/U8 level may change based on availability, but the dates will remain the same for the code. For instance, if Pairc ui Chaoimh was not available, we would host Regional Monster Blitz instead,
  7. U8: We are slightly changing the U8 set up this year. We will have 3 types of options. Pairc ui Chaoimh days are optional and will run the same as the U8 finals days from 2017, where clubs will get a 1 hour slot and play 3 x 15 minute matches. Time allocated may be any time on the Saturday between 9am and 5pm. Regional Monster Blitz days are optional and are the same as we have always had, where all clubs from the area will be invited to attend a Monster Blitz coordinated by the GDAs. Club Based mini Blitzes are compulsory for all clubs, where 4 local clubs with similar type numbers will go to one of the clubs and take part in a mini blitz there, organised by the host club. I will assign clubs to these venues well in advance of the fixtures. We think this will be a progressive step to ensure local teams continue to maintain a healthy local rivalry.
  8. U9-U11: Same set up as last year. We will again hold the Summer Hurling Iomaint League which is optional to take part in.

Other than that, we would ask mentors to refrain from questions until the Go Games Meetings towards the end of February. If you have any specific queries, your first port of call should be the mentors who coached the age group or took part in the league from last year and they should be able to advise you. We will update specific issues directly to the mentors once the registration is closed .