Benchmarking 2020 Update

As all club teams are now operating to capacity, we wish to remind clubs not to lose focus on the Benchmarking 2020 Vision Initiative criteria. Your club has applied to be recognised at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level.

At this point in the year if you are going for Bronze Accreditation please note the following

Primary Schools Initiatives (Bronze Category)


You are required to have a minimum of 4 hurling and 4 football sessions completed with junior classes.

Ideally your club school link should be up and running at this point and dates for these sessions should be arranged if not already in place. If equipment is an issue for club school link coaches in hurling, then your local GDA may be able to arrange for fundamentals equipment to be made available to help get the sessions completed.


Club Based Initiatives (Silver Category)


Clubs are asked to invite their local Primary Schools to 2 blitz days in the local GAA grounds to showcase their facilities and recruit new players. Ideally these would be with class groups between 1st and 4th as many boys will have their mind made up about joining a club if any older.

Our u 8 Monster Blitzes are held every Saturday in each Region and clubs looking to reach Silver status need to attend a minimum of 12 blitzes during 2017.

Our u 9/10/11 leagues (clubs don’t need to be in all 3 age groups) see similar criteria in place with clubs asked to participate in 12 match days.

I would also draw your attention to the Young Whistlers criteria as so far this year, some clubs have failed to provide a Young Whistler at blitzes. This will rule your club out from qualification at the end of the year for silver or gold accreditation.


All clubs should be working to a basic plan for 5 to 12 year olds in your club.

Each age group should have specific goals in terms of what skills are to be mastered throughout the year.

The Coaching Officer is responsible for coordinating this and the GDA’s would be happy to provide some advice in this area also if required.


Youth Players Initiatives (Gold Target)


Clubs are required to organise 3 workshops annually for coaches. This can include foundation/award one courses but may also involve GDA led or other coaches doing practical sessions with the aim of improving the club coaches skills sets.

The Coaching Officer should be driving this among the club coaches.

Clubs should have an active role in ensuring that there is a positive relationship with their local Post Primary Schools. To qualify for gold accreditation, clubs will need to demonstrate they have worked closely with their schools. This may be something your GDA could help with if the relationship is currently not in place.

In terms of fixtures, clubs are required to play 20 games at u14, u16 & u18.

Clubs should be recording the dates for these games as they work through the year.

For more details on the benchmarking 2020 initiative, please log on to