Rebel Óg Monster Blitz Program Update

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So far this year we have run a very successful Monster Blitz program with the figures below to show exactly what we have done. The main aim of our Monster blitz program was to provide games for our younger players and going by the reaction from all the clubs taking part we have achieved this.

We have in the first half of this year provided 9,841 games through the following to all clubs and players in Cork

16 Dates
115 Host venues
1264 club teams registered
3287 teams registered in total

9841 games played

Record 78 clubs and 186 teams on one weekend

Our new U10 league has started well with clubs giving a very positive reaction to this format. We have as part of this introduced a new Young referee scheme to help referee at these U10 games and this is proving to be very successful for both the new referees and the clubs involved.

New U10 League:
117 Clubs registered
174 Football teams and 163 Hurling Teams
84 matches every week
1,008 matches in total at U10 level over a 12 week period

8 Remaining Blitz Weekends and 2 Finals Days where over 2,000 children will take part in the Blitzes between U6 and U9 Level.
Our thanks to all the host clubs for letting us use their Facilities and to the players, mentors and parents for making it all such a fantastic experience for all and finally a word of thanks to our sponsors National Dairy Council who have given us great support for our Monster Blitz’s.

Rebel Óg Coaching and Games Monster Blitz Program Update