2018 Blitz Calendar Announced

U7-U11 Go Games Dates and Schedule for 2018 finalised.

Venues at U7/U8 subject to change based on availability.

We are expecting to host over 9,000 games in 2018 between u7 and u11.

Before the Blitz

1.) Registration on www.rebelogcoaching.com will open at 1pm each Monday before respective Blitz and close at 6pm on the Wed.

  1. If a venue is not listed online, then the venue is either full or unavailable.
  2. Venues will fill up on a first come, first served basis, so please be conscious of this when applying.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email Wednesday night to confirm your venue.
  4. If, for whatever reason, your status changes (e.g. having to withdraw, change number of teams entered), please inform the GDA at your confirmed venue via text asap.
  5. Each club is requested to supply a young referee for their teams. If you have 1 team, 1 ref is needed, if you have 3 teams, 2 refs are needed etc.
  6. Each club to have their own supply of Balls for matches.

2.) Once you are registered and have selected a venue, please note that this is your venue, unless you hear otherwise from the GDA in charge. Due to venues filling up or being over/under subscribed, the chosen venue may change, but the GDA in charge will contact you directly in this circumstance.

3.) If there are any changes on your side re: number of teams entered changing or unavailability for whatever reason, you should contact the GDA in charge as soon as possible.

To Register for Monster blitz – CLICK HERE